Harp and cello album with beautiful and relaxing music

Heart to Heart Records proudly announces a new album with the harpist and composer Trine Opsahl and the cellist Josefine Opsahl, ’Leaving my Silent Empty House’. The album is available for purchase on December 2nd 2008 from Heart to Heart Records and from music shops in Denmark and from January 2009 for Internet download.

On this new album Trine remains faithful to the Scandinavian-Celtic tone from her previous album ’The Journey and the Dream’. On this new album though, she is accompanied by Josefine, Trine's daughter, on the cello and she adds new dimensions of grounding and harmony to Trine's music.

Through the times the celtic harp has told stories, brought good and bad news, and comforted the grieving heart. This album bears to this tradition of fairy tales and poetry, but it is also very well-suited for creating inner relaxation and peace and presents a peaceful, musical frame for a nice time spent with family and friends.

The pleasant and relaxing melodies on ’Leaving my Silent Empty House’ are all composed by Trine except for one track by Rhett Barnwell. All cello arrangements are done by Josefine.

Listen to extracts of the music on ’Leaving my Silent Empty House’ by clicking here.

The album can be acquired in all regular music stores i Denmark and it will be available for download from itunes and from a number of other online music services from January 2009. You can also order this and Trines previous album by clicking here.